We deliver to Meridian, Boise, Nampa, Emmett, Kuna, Caldwell, Garden City, Eagle, and Star. Other areas are pick up only.

  1. What is the cancellation policy?
    You can cancel at any time before delivery.

  2. When do I pay?
    You pay when you receive your items.

  3. Do you accept credit card, or cash, or check?
    We accept cash or check written out to Slidy Bounce

  4. Can I keep the rental product overnight?
    You can keep rentals overnight for an additional fee. Normally they are returned early to avoid a 2 day rate.

  5. Do you set up and deliver?
    See our set up page

  6. How many children can jump on an inflatable at a time?
    500 lb max., 10 child max. Even if you meet these requirements, ensure that it looks safe.

  7. How many chairs fit on one table?
    Round tables 8 to 10, Rectangle tables 6 to 8

  8. How late do you deliver and pick up?
    Most of the time we like to pick up by 9 pm.

  9. Do you deliver to my area?
    We deliver all of our 8 hour rentals to the areas mentioned above. Our 4 hour rentals are reserved for Meridian, Boise, and some areas of Star and Nampa. Other areas have an 8 hour minimum rental.

  10. What size does my yard need to be for the inflatable to fit?
    If you are worried about size, contact us. We have smaller inflatables.

  11. What are the dimensions of the inflatables?
    Call us for details.

  12. What is the cheapest bounce house you have?
    Our 4 hour regular bounce houses rent for $55 in Meridian North of the Freeway. Travel fees apply to other areas. Depending on location, they are $5 to $10. If you want to pick up for $55, we add extra travel time for you.

  13. What is the price for two days?
    We don't have set prices on two days but we can give you a rate depending on your needs.

  14. Do you have a generator?
    We do not rent generators

  15. Do you have any wet combos?
    We do not have any wet combos

  16. What happens if it rains?
    If it is going to be a light sprinkle, you can choose to keep your reservation or cancel. If it is going to be strong rain, we would cancel. If it rains after we have delivered, you do not receive a refund. While it is raining, you must turn off the motor and cover it or keep it out of the rain. You would need to cover the inflatable during light rain or put it away if it is going to cause the inflatable to get wet. If it is a water slide, it can get wet, but the motor cannot.

  17. Do you offer pick up all weekend rates, or pick up on Friday and return on Monday?
    We can offer them. Call us for a quote.

  18. Do you offer delivery on tables and chairs, what is the cost?
    We can offer delivery. It is more economical for you to pick up, but depending on your area and order, we can deliver for a small fee. It can be $10 to $25 each trip we take.

208-968-2041 Ten Mile and McMillan Meridian, ID slidybounce@yahoo.com


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