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We deliver to Meridian, Boise, Nampa, Emmett, Kuna, Caldwell, Garden City, Eagle, and Star. Other areas are pick up only.

Site Plan

Site Description

Site name: Slidybounce

Purpose statement: The purpose of my website is to help customers know the products I have available for rent, know prices, availability, how to reserve, and any specials I have. My business name is Slidy Bounce Party Rentals.

Target Audience: My target audience is parents who want to rent an inflatable for their party. At times, businesses such as church’s, libraries, and organizations will also rent from me. People getting married will visit my site for table and chair rentals.

Male and Female personas My male and female personas live in the treasure valley in Idaho. Education level is finished high school and have at least some college. Female persona is a stay at home mom age 26 to 40 with her husband being a professional who owns their own business or manages a business. She has 3 children under the age of 12 and wants to have a birthday party for their child without a lot of effort in planning games and activities for the children. She uses her smart phone mainly and sometimes her laptop. Male persona is the father of 2 to 3 children who is a professional and a married man. He works in conjunction with his wife to find the best price for a fun party experience for their child’s birthday. While the above is the main persona, there will be working moms who visit my site and also lower income people with regular jobs.

Persona One:

Becky Brown

Becky Brown

Stay at home mom of two children. 26 years old, white, graduated from high school. She is married. She uses her smart phone daily and is always on facebook and pinterest. She is looking for an inflatable bounce house for her child’s birthday party. What matters most is a good quality product with good customer service and reliability at the best price available. Her husband does not have a college degree, but he has a career that brings in $45,000 per year.

“My husband makes the money, I spend it, but shop around for our family fun!”

Persona Two:

Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson

Graduated from university. He owns his own business and earns $75,000 per year. 36 years old, white, has 3 children and is married with his wife working a couple days per week. He is looking for a good price on an inflatable for his daughter’s birthday party. He needs to know the inflatable is not old and warn. He wants a good quality product.

“I work hard to give my family everything they want.”

Persona Three:

Kimberly Jones

Kimberly Jones

She is 20 years old and getting married. She graduated high school and has no college education. She earns $9 per hour working at Target as a cashier. She lives in Idaho and is engaged to be married. She is looking for affordable options to rent tables and chairs. Her wedding is going to be at a venue in Nampa, Idaho.

“Met the love of my life, and don’t know what I am doing. Help mom!”

Scenario listThe person visiting my site is planning an event or party and will want to know what products I have available for rent that they can use during their event. They will want to know what the prices are, if I have a lower price for less time during the rental, and if my products are available during the time and date they want them. They will want to know my contact information in case they have further questions. They will want to know if I have any specials, or if I have different prices for different days of the week.

Questions they will ask are 1. What is the cancellation policy? 2. When do I pay? 3. Do you accept credit card, or cash, or check? 4. Can I keep the rental product overnight? 5. Do you set up and deliver? 6. How many children can jump on an inflatable at a time? 7. How many chairs fit on one table? 8. How late do you deliver and pick up? 9. Do you deliver to my area? 10. What size does my yard need to be for the inflatable to fit? 11. What are the dimensions of the inflatables? 12. What is the cheapest bounce house you have? 13. What is the price for two days? 14. Do you have a generator? 15. Do you have any wet combo’s? 16. What happens if it rains? 17. Do you offer pick up all weekend rates? Pick up on Friday and return Monday. 18. Do you offer delivery on tables and chairs, what is the cost?

Content List

How to Reserve This will answer questions 1.2.3. 5. It will tell customers that they will be sending me an email with their information, I will send them a rental agreement, and they pay when we show up by cash or check, no credit cards. It will tell them they can cancel at any time before delivery for whatever reason. It will explain everything about delivery and how we set up. It will have links to set up instructions for the option of picking up our product. It will also have a link to a sample rental agreement. In answering question 12, I will have a chart with all the prices and all products together for customers to see all the prices together.

Setting Up This will explain that most items include delivery unless a pick up price is indicated. It will explain that they set up tables and chairs and we deliver them stacked, we need them returned stacked.

Weather and Cancellation will be on same page (When directed by menu, would go to that part of page) This will have images of how to fold the inflatable over in case there is a light sprinkle. It will tell the customer to turn off any electric devices and put them away from the rain. It will tell them the cancelLation policy, that they can cancel any time before delivery if it looks like it will rain. The inflatable is to be put away if there is heavy rain. It will also state wind hazards.

There are 6 individual product lines: Bounce House, Merry go Round, Tables and Chairs, Tent, Water Slides, and Combo In each category, it will have the prices, pictures, dimensions.It will state no generator available. For tables and chairs, it will explain they can pick up a day before event, and drop off a day after. It will state that the price for tables and chairs is for pick up only from our location, but they can get a quote for delivery if desired (question 18). It will also tell them how many chairs fit on each table. For question 13. I do not want to publish a price for two days or weekend rates, so I will tell them that if they have different needs, to contact me and I can quote them a price. There will be a video of the Merry Go Round working. It will also specify which areas we deliver to and tell them that for some areas, we don’t do a 4 hour rental, but they can pick up for that price (question 9). On the combo product, it will state it is dry only and that we do not have wet combos available (question 15).

Order Now This will be an auto populated email where they can put in their information along with the product/s they are wanting to rent, the dates and times. They will have product scroll down menus and all the information I need to reserve their products. They will then get an email with their reservation based on the information they submitted. Images-of product to select from a scroll down menu

Community Events This will have all the events we participate in with our products, past and future. It will be a way for people to know of what is happening in our community. I will also post community events that are not related to my business. This website will include pictures and videos of parades and other events we have been to.

Wedding Ideas This section will allow me to keep content new in my site. It will offer ideas on how to plan and save for weddings. For example will link to sites like bride on a budget, a local business in town.

FAQ I will repeat some of the questions that are most commonly asked so that customers do not have to look hard to get their questions answered. I will not take all the questions from my scenario list, but the main ones that I feel could be overlooked in the content of the site.

Spanish I will have an audio file of us Speaking in Spanish and will let customers know they can call and ask questions, in Spanish

Best Price I will let customers know we guarantee we have the best price in town.

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Color Scheme

Color Scheme

The products to rent out are in the primary colors. The logo also matches this color scheme. The complement color is incorporated in the order button. Keeping this website simple with no other added color on background is the desired outcome.


I will use Marko One from google fonts for heading fonts, such as Bounce House, Water Slide, Setting up, etc. in each of my product pages. When used as headings of a page, they will be done in H1 format. Other headings will also be in Marko One. I will use Arial for the text in the paragraphs. Text size will be 12pt.

Marko One

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